Disclaimer for Certified Online Shop scheme

It is the responsibility of each awarded Certified Online Shop to provide genuine, safe and quality products as specified in their online shop website.
In no event will the International union of Professional Development Institutions (IuPDI) be liable for
(i) any misrepresentation, counterfeit, fake, infringement of copyrights, unsafe or defective products purchased from any of the online shops published in www.CertifiedOnlineShops.org website.
(ii) any claim attributable to omissions or not up to date of information, errors and/or materials published in www.CertifiedOnlineShops.org .
(iii) IuPDI accepts no responsibility for any costs which were improperly incurred as a result of fraudulent activity.
Each website that is link to www.CertifiedOnlineShops.org is independent of IuPDI. It is the responsibility of the online shop to publish accurate information on products and prices, operate online shopping system, offer protection and provide fair treatment to consumers.