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A study of overseas consumers’ perception of Mainland China and Hong Kong online shopping was conducted by IuPDI. The followings are important findings.

i. 99% have never shopped at Mainland China or Hong Kong online shops.

ii. 60% were aware of China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) started tackling fake products issue.

iii. 90% indicated that they still have no confidence in Mainland China or Hong Kong online shops.

iv. 71% indicated that they would shop from online shops if they are certified by independent and creditable organisation.

v. 100% of respondents indicated that they have experienced receiving poor quality of goodspurchased from other online shops.

Certified Online Shop

Certified Online Shop scheme
Online Shop can be an online trading platform or online shop that consumers can shop at globally. The “Certified Online Shop” is a certification scheme where online shops are being assessed against codes of rules (criteria). These codes of rules are good practices for operating online shopping system, offer protection and provide fair treatment to consumers. Certification is awarded to those online shops that have satisfied these codes of rules.

Certified Authentic Brand mark is awarded to each "Authentic Brand" being sold in the online shop (see criteria 4.1).  

Certified Safe Product mark is awarded to each type of product that complied with regulatory requirement or Accredited Testing Laboratory testing requirement (if regulatory requirement is not specified) see criteria 4.2. 

Aims of Certified Online Shop scheme


To differentiate from and ahead of other online shops


To win the confidence and trust of consumers


To promote the concept of consumer protection and fair treatment thus provide confidence to consumers on shopping online.


To enhance own brand manufacturers and agents of brands to sell their products online


To encourage manufacturers and traders to develop own brands through online shops


To provide a standard of good practices for online shops to adhere to

What are the benefits?

1. To distinguish Certified Online shops from others, they can display the “Certified Online Shop” logo and provide assurance to consumers that the online shop has been assessed and satisfied criteria for good practices for online shop.

2. IuPDI will publish a list of “Certified Online Shop” and their “Product review reports” for consumers, importers and overseas institutions, to access.

3. To demonstrate to overseas consumers that they can shop at these certified online shops knowing that they will be treated fairly, offer of genuine and quality products as well as protection to safeguard consumers’ interests.

4. To provide an independent and non-trading platform to promote Certified Online Shop to institutions, overseas consumers and alternative source for overseas buyers.


The codes of rules (Criteria) for Certified Online Shop


Must have a Valid Business registration


Conducting online shop business in a fair manner


Information on the Product and its price must be clearly stated as well as complying with Hong Kong regulations.


Ordering process: The online shop system for ordering must enable the buyer to place order,change of order and cancellation of order as well as Confirmation of order.


Contact information: The online shop to indicate contact information such as office address,email and contact number must be indicated.


Payment terms and methods: The online shop must provide an Independent and reliable payment methods such as Paypal, Visa systems etc.


Delivery method and fee: The online shop must provide delivery method, delivery lead time and fee to the buyer for acceptance as part of the ordering process.


Buyers protection policy


Cancellation of order: Provide Policy to the buyer that includes cooling off period and the right and system for cancellation of order within specify period.


Replacement of goods: Provide replacement of goods when the buyer is dissatisfied with the product, the buyer is entitled to have product replaced within the same period as order delivered.


Refund: Provide refund policy that clearly specified the terms and conditions for refund and must be carried out, if requested by buyer.


Data protection: The online retailer must not share or sell data collected without the consent of buyer or potential buyer. This also applies to unwanted promotion materials.


Product compliance with regulations

The Product sold in the Certified Online Shop must obtain a Certified Authentic Brand mark and Certified Safe Product mark (this is prefer). 

4.1 Certified Authentic Brand mark

Genuine products (own brands and/or authorise to sell other brands): The online shop must provide evidence that they owned the brands and/or other brands that they are authorised to do so.

4.2 Certified Safe product mark

Products meeting regulatory requirements: Online shop is responsible for ensuring that its products are safe and provides supporting evidence to demonstrate that its products complied with relevant regulatory requirements (eg Safety, environmental) or Accredited Testing Laboratory testing requirement if regulatory requirement is not specified.


Factory audit certification (For Electrical and Electronics products only)


In order for the online shop to assure products quality, the online shop must provide factory audited report of where products are made to CIG 021 criteria or equivalent from an accredited Certification Body or assessed by IuPDI appointed assessors.


Quality control for product compliance with requirements: Online shop must ensure that product complied with requirements.


Customer enquiry


General enquiry: The online shop must address buyers or potential buyers’ enquiry within their specified period and provide clear information.


Complaint handling system: The online shop must address all complaints from buyers.


Independent monitoring by IuPDI: The online shop must consent to IuPDI to conduct independent monitoring of their performances and operations.


Buyers feedback survey and report conducted by IuPDI: The online shop must include IuPDI’s “buyers’ feedback survey” in their online shop system.


Mysterious buyers: The online shop must agree to IuPDI to conduct mysterious buyers’ assessment (the number and amount of mysterious buyers purchased is subject to agreement).


Follow up on complaint: The online shop must address any complaint made via IuPDI.




1. The Applicant needs to submit website address and supporting evidence to demonstrate compliance with the codes of rules of Certified Online Shop scheme.

2. Independent assessor(s) will conduct assessment against codes of rules.

3. Independent assessor(s) will issue a preliminary assessment report highlighting areas for improvement (indication of non-fulfillment)

4. Independent assessor(s) will issue a final report to IuPDI.

5. IuPDI will award “Certified Online Shop” to the successful applicant. .

Product quality: Factory audit report to CIG 021 requirements:

In order to assure consumers that Online Shop sells quality product, a requirement for satisfying CIG 021 factory audit requirements by the product manufacturer.
(Click link www.eepca.eu/doc/third.php?groupid=104&nbmax=9&typ=p )

Audit checklist of CIG 023
(Click link www.eepca.eu/doc/third.php?groupid=104&nbmax=9&typ=p )

Factory audit report from the list of Certification Bodies
(Click link www.eepca.eu/doc/third.php?groupid=104&nbmax=9&typ=p ) to the European Certification System of EEPCA the European Electrical Products Certification Association is acceptable.


Certification Assessment

A. The IuPDI will appoint Independent professional assessor(s) to conduct the assessment as per criteria and guidelines.

B. Independent assessment report and recommendation to Final review and approval Board.

C. Independent Observer(s) will witness the verification of Certified Online Shop on a sampling basis to ensure that the assessment is conducted fairly and professionally. The observers report directly to the IuPDI committee.

Surveillance assessment

The Certified online shop will be assessed on a yearly basis and their performance monitored as per item 7 of codes of rules (criteria).


Yearly renewal of certified online shop

The renewal of certified online shop is only awarded when the online shop continues to satisfy the codes of rules (criteria) being assessed.

Application and recognition fees

 i. Application fee for Certified Online Shop: HK$ 8,000.

ii. Application fee for Certified Authentic Brand mark: HK$ 1,000 per brand

iii. Application fee for Certified Safe product mark: HK$ 1,000 for each type of product

iv. Yearly surveillance and renewal fee for Certified Online Shop

v. Yearly surveillance and renewal fee for Certified Authentic Brand mark is HK$ 500 per brand

vi. Yearly surveillance and renewal fee for Certified Safe Product mark is HK$ 500 for each type of product



Although each Certified Online Shop’s products are verified as their own brand(s) and/or authorised for sales under license, the Certified Online Shop scheme does not certified whether each product is free of violation and/or infringement of copyrights of other companies’ products. This is out of the scope of Certified Online Shop scheme.

Whistle blower:

IuPDI welcomes any report of violation and infringement of other Companies’ products by any of the Certified Online Shops.


Transparent and can be verified by consumers:

The publication of online shops in this Certified Online Shop website is transparent and consumers can verify any company who claims to be a Certified Online Shop and their Product review report  against published lists.