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“Made in China” tops list of unsafe products (60% product recall) in European Union (reported by European Watchdog) and USA (reported by Consumer Product Safety Commission) were published in 2015.

Overseas consumers are concerned about quality of products made in China. This is an opportunity for companies to differentiate their products from those in question and enhance their competitive advantages.

IuPDI can assist company (certified online shop) with Independent Product Review. The Independent Product Review consists of any one or both of the Criteria.

What are the benefits?

1. The Product Technical Review report will demonstrate to overseas consumers that the product have met relevant European regulatory requirements.

2. The Usability Review Report will indicate how Users judged the product user-friendliness

3. The Product Technical Review is conducted independently by Technical experts.

4. The Usability Review is conducted by Users.


What are the Criteria?

Criteria 1: Product Technical review as per test plan conducted by Independent Technical Experts with knowledge and experience of product safety and environmental regulations and

Criteria 2: Usability Review conducted by Users according to user manual, key features and Users judgement.

Product Review Report

a. A Product Review Report will be issued for both the Product Technical and Usability review.

b. A Product Technical Review report only.

c. An Usability Review report only. 




1. The Applicant needs to submit product specification (including targeted users and key features), minimum of 10 samples of product and user manual.


For Product Technical Review:


Independent Technical experts will issue a Test plan with requirements for relevant tests need to be conducted.


Applicant needs to submit test reports as per the Test plan.


Independent Technical experts will review all the test reports and issue a preliminary review report with recommendations (indication of non-fulfilment)


Independent Technical experts will submit a final review report on the product fulfilment of safety and environmental requirements.


For Usability Review


Applicant needs to submit minimum of 10 packaged products (non-returnable), key features of product and targeted customers.


IuPDI will forward 10 packaged products to Users will conduct Usability review (review reports will be issued)


IuPDI will issue a Product Review Report or Product Technical Review Report or Usability Review Report to the applicant and post it in Certified Online Shop website.

Application and recognition fees

 i. Application fee for Product Technical Review is HK$ 6,000 onwards (excluding testing fee).

ii. Application fee for Usability Review is HK$ 6,000 onwards (applicant must submit minimum of 10 samples and pay for cost of delivery fee to users).

iii. Application fee for both Product Technical Review and Usability Review services is HK$ 10,000.

Yearly review and amendment fee

a. Independent Technical experts will conduct review for any changes to applicable regulations that affect the product.

b. Yearly review fee: HK3, 000 (if there are no changes to the product or the regulation. This excludes any testing fee).

c. If there are changes to the regulation and/or the product, the Applicant is required to have additional test from approved testing laboratory conducted on the product.

d. If there are changes, additional fee of HK$ 6,000 onwards (including yearly review fee) is required for reviewing test reports against applicable EU regulations.