Payment systems

Payment systems services providers

Criteria: 2.4 Payment terms and methods: The online shop must provide an Independent and reliable payment methods.

IuPDI will refer overseas and local bank payment systems providers to those online shops who are searching for independent and reliable payment methods.  The independent payment systems will enable both online shops and consumers feel safe to use.

Payment systems services provider 1: For Paypal, Please forward your contact information to our Chairman,, Leslie Lee and he will forward your information to the responsible person in Paypal.

Payment systems services provider 2: Please contact our Chairman, Leslie Lee at or mobile: 9429 8799 to obtain the contact person and contact number of a local bank.

Important note 1: It is the independent payment system services provider decision whether to approve the application of each online shop on a case by case basis.


Important note 2: IuPDI will not assist any online shop to appeal in the case of rejection.