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Terms and Conditions for IuPDI Certified Online Shop scheme

These Terms and Conditions form the agreement between International union of Professional Development Institutions (IuPDI) and each Client (at first as Applicant and as Certified Online Shop (satisfied requirements for online shop).
1. Certified Online Shop scheme:
Online Shop is a “virtual shop” where consumers can shop at globally. The “Certified Online Shop” is a certification scheme for assessing online shops against codes of rules (criteria). These codes of rules are good practices for operating online shopping system, offer protection and provide fair treatment to consumers. Certification is awarded to those online shops who have satisfied these codes of rules. The codes of rules (Criteria) are published in Certified Online Shop scheme leaflet.
2. Certification process:
2.1 Submission of application and application fee:

2.1.1 The Client has to apply and comply with all the requirements of codes of rules of Certified Online Shop and agreed to terms and conditions of Certified Online Shop scheme.
2.1.2 The Client needs to complete the application form (including declaration), issue application fee and submit application to IuPDI.
2.2 Application fee:
2.2.1 The application fee is not refundable upon submission. It must be submitted along with the application.
2.3 Submission of information and supporting evidence:
2.3.1 The Client must agree to supply all necessary information to demonstrate compliance with codes of rules (criteria) for IuPDI independent assessor(s) to conduct the assessment.
2.3.2 It is the Client responsibility to provide correct and truthful information.
2.4 Assessment:
2.4.1 The Client has to assist IuPDI’s Independent assessor(s) with the assessment and demonstrate that the Client online shop system comply with all the requirements of codes of rules of Certified Online Shop scheme.
2.4.2 The Client will address any findings reported and take appropriate actions to comply with all requirements of codes of rules.
2.5 Certification:
2.5.1 Those online shops that satisfied all the requirements of codes of rules (criteria) will be recommended to the Final review and Approval board for the Certified Online Shop scheme.
2.5.2 The decision made by the Final review and Approval board is final.
2.5.3 A Certified Online Shop will be awarded to those online shops that are approved by Final review and Approval board.
2.6 Appeal:
2.6.1 If a Client wishes to appeal against any decision for whatever reason including rejection, suspension or withdrawal of a certificate, the Client is at liberty to lodge an appeal with the Chairman of IuPDI within 10 working days of having been served with the decision. The Chairman and the Final review and approval board will review the Appeal and will meet within 30 days of receipt of the appeal notice. The original decision shall remain in force pending the decision of the Final review and approval board.
2.6.2 The decision of the Final review and approval board is final and binding on both the Client and IuPDI.
2.7 Continuous monitoring:
2.7.1 The Client’s online shopping system is subject to monitoring as stipulated in the codes of rules. The Client has to address any non-compliance and/or area for improvement as reported by IuPDI.
2.8 Renewal of certification and fee:
2.8.1 Surveillance assessment: As part of the requirements of the Certified Online Shop scheme, the client must be re-assessed on a yearly basis and satisfied all codes of rules before the certification is renew.
2.8.2 Renewal fee: The renewal fee must be payable at least a month prior to the certification expire date.
2.9 Suspension and Withdrawal of certification: Suspension and Withdrawal of certification: In case that the client failed to comply and address any non-compliance with codes of rules and/or terms and conditions, IuPDI has the authority to suspend or withdraw the certification. A written notice with reason for the suspension or withdrawal will be given.
3. Use of logo:
3.1 A guideline for the use of the Certified Online Shop logo will be issued to the successful Client.
3.2 The Client must adhere to the guidelines.
4. Publication:
4.1 IuPDI will publish a list of Certified Online Shops in www.CertifiedOnlineShops.org for consumers to verify. There will be a link from the Certified Online Shop website to the client’s website.
4.2 It is the obligation of the Client to provide genuine products that do not infringe the copyrights of other products and quality products on sales in their online shop.
5. Complaints handling:
5.1 The Client must record and address all complaints made by the consumers with the aims to resolve these complaints and take appropriate improvement actions.
5.2 The Client must prepare a list of complaints and actions taken. This must be presented to IuPDI Independent assessor, when requested.
5.3 If the Client has a complaint regarding any member of IuPDI, complaints must be made in writing to the Chairman of IuPDI.
6. Change of circumstances: The Client must agree and to promptly inform IuPDI of any changes that affect their certification status such as served with legal notice, suspension of agency agreement from brand owner etc.
7. Indemnity: The client will indemnify IuPDI against any claims or losses suffered by IuPDI as a result of misuse by the client of any approval or registration given to the client by IuPDI under their rules of assessment.
8. Liability: If in providing information or service IuPDI warrants the accuracy of any audit, review or information supplied. Except as stated in this document IuPDI shall not be liable for any loss, expense or damage whatsoever sustained by any company, client or person due to any act whatsoever taken by IuPDI to the extent that any attempted exclusion of liability would be contrary to law.
9. Confidentiality: Any information collected is for the sole purpose of this scheme assessment only. The information will not be disclosed to any third party. .
10. Changes to Terms and Conditions:IuPDI reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notification.
11. Hong Kong Law: This agreement is governed by the Hong Kong Law.