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Terms and Conditions for IuPDI Product Review Report scheme

These Terms and Conditions form the agreement between International union of Professional Development Institutions (IuPDI) and each Client.
Product Review Report scheme: Product Review Report is issued after review has been conducted by Independent Technical Expert(s) and Users against the two criteria (Product Technical Review and Usability review).
Independent Technical experts: Independent Technical Experts have extensive knowledge and experience in product safety and environmental regulations. They will review product, define Product Test Plan (test requirements) and testing results/reports to determine whether the product satisfy European regulations or not.
Product Review Report scheme process:
1.0 Submission of application form and application fee for each product:
1.1 Submission of Application form:
1.1.1 The Client has to complete the application form, provide product specification (including key features and targeted customers), minimum of 10 samples of product (non-returnable), and instruction manual and agree to terms and conditions of Product Review Report scheme.
1.2 Application fee:
1.2.1 The Client has to submit application fee with the application form. The application fee is not refundable upon submission.
1.2.2 IuPDI will not provide any product testing services.
1.3 Product changes fee:
When there are changes to the product after application, the Client has to submit additional application fee for additional work conducted on the review of the product.
2.0 Submission of information and supporting evidence:
i. The Client must supply information and supporting evidence (such as test reports) as per Product Test Plan in order to demonstrate compliance with relevant European regulations (safety and environmental).
ii. The Client must submit a schedule for all testing on the product to be completed as per Product Test Plan. The schedule must be accepted by IuPDI for the duration of the Product Review Report scheme application.
iii. It is the Client’s responsibility to provide authentic product information and test reports.

3.0 Review of Product Review Report:
The review of Product Review Report is conducted as per the three criteria. Criteria 1; Product Technical Review by Independent Technical Expert(s), Criteria 2; Usability review by Users.

3.1 Product Technical Review:
i. Independent Technical Experts will review test results/reports against product Test Plan to determine whether product comply with safety and environmental regulations or not.
ii. Independent Technical Experts will provide a preliminary review report which will indicate recommendation(s) for the client to address.
iii. Only product has been reviewed against Product Test Plan, will a report be issued.
iv. The applicant must provide accurate and authentic product specification and test results.

3.2 Usability Review:
i. Client will submit sample(s) of product for the Users to use the product against user manual.
ii. A report of the usability review will be issued.

3.3 Product changes: Client must notify and provide product changes information to IuPDI immediately when there are changes to the product that might affect the “Product Review Report”.

4.0 Product Review Report:
4.1Product Review Report will be published in IuPDI Certified Online Shop website.
4.2The decision to publish the Product Review Report is made by the Final review and Approval board is final.

5.0 Yearly renewal of certification and fee:
5.1 Yearly review:Independent Technical Experts will review changes to regulations and the product for ensuring that the product is in compliance with European regulatory requirements.
5.2 Submission of product information and instruction manual: The client has to submit latest product specification and instruction manual for review. If the product and/or instruction manual is different from initial application, the client is required to pay the full application fee.
5.3 Renewal fee: The renewal fee must be payable at least a month prior to the certification expire date.

6.0 Withdrawal of Product Review Report: In case that the client failed to comply with European regulations, IuPDI has the authority to withdraw the Product Review Report until the issue is resolved. A written notice with reason for the withdrawal will be given.





7.0 Publication of list of Product Review Reports:
7.1 IuPDI will publish a list of Product Review Reports in www.CertifiedOnlineShops.org for consumers to verify. There will be a link to the Certified Online Shop website.
7.2 It is up to the Client whether they want to link their product to IuPDI Publication of Product Review Rreport.

8.0 Complaints handling:
8.1 The Client must record and address all complaints made by the consumers with the aims to resolve these complaints and take appropriate improvement actions.
8.2 The Client must prepare a list of complaints and actions taken. This must be presented to IuPDI Independent assessor, when requested.
8.3 If the Client has a complaint regarding any member of IuPDI, complaints must be made in writing to the Chairman of IuPDI.

9.0 Confidentiality: Any information collected is for the sole purpose of this scheme assessment only. The information will not be disclosed to any third party.

10.0 Limited Liability: If in providing information or service IuPDI warrants the accuracy of any audit, review or information supplied. Except as stated in this document IuPDI shall not be liable for any loss, expense or damage whatsoever sustained by any company, client or person due to any act whatsoever taken by IuPDI to the extent that any attempted exclusion of liability would be contrary to law.

11.0 Indemnity: The client will indemnify IuPDI against any claims or losses suffered by IuPDI as a result of misuse by the client of any approval or registration given to the client by IuPDI under their rules of assessment.

12.0 Governing law: This agreement is governed by the Hong Kong Law.